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Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 Review

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In this time and age, portability is the king. From hosting an event in your backyard to camping with your friends, you need cooking equipment you can carry around. You can enjoy the large flat-top cooking surface housed on collapsible legs with the Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600.

In this guide, we cover all you need to know about this reliable grill – features, cleaning requirements, performance, and construction. Read on for the detailed review, or scroll to the end for a quick summary.

Why Choose Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600?

If you love the cold-rolled steel griddle top for your grilling, and equally love camping, tailgating, or race track, the Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 is the cooking equipment you need.

Who Do We Think Matches with Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600?

  • Camping Enthusiasts: If camping is your favorite hobby or you love vacationing with a couple of friends, the Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 is a perfect companion. Its foldable legs and shelves make it easy to transport from one place to another. Whether for tailgating or any outdoor event, the grill won’t give you an issue with mobility.
  • Flat Top Grill Lovers: Besides being a good choice for its portability, this grill also has a flat top grilling surface. So, if you love a large cooking area for better efficiency, the Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 is a perfect match. With a total of 48,000BTU/hour burner capacity, you can have your meals ready in no time.
  • Folks Who Love Easy Clean-Up: The cooking surface is seasoned and non-stick, making it easier to clean afterward. Also, you get to save your kitchen a lot of mess with the grease management system.

Possible Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 Complaints

  • Rust: The Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 tends to rust easily. This can be a put-off for many buyers who want their grill to appear unscathed and clean. Rubbing lard or cooking oil on the grill surface, then wiping down after running at mid-temperature, will help control rust.
  • Quality Control: Some buyers of the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600 report missing parts. If this ever happens to your unit, don't hesitate to contact Camp Chef for a replacement. They respond promptly to customer complaints.

Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 burners

Brand Overview

Production Company: Camp Chef
Email: support@campchef.com
Contact Line: 1-800-650-2433

Camp Chef was birthed in 1990 by Ty Measom, who wanted to create a piece of cooking equipment that was both efficient and portable. He started with the Pro60, and from that simple design, Camp Chef now has griddles, cast iron grills, pellets grills, and grill box attachments. For more than 30 years, the company produced grills that bring people together.

Camp Chef’s goal of uniting family and friends over good, delicious food is evident in their Flat Top Grill series. The versatile grills serve as the very core of many families’ outdoor cooking experience. To further build on the company's enduring legacy, Camp Chef introduced the Flat Top 600 that feeds up to 100 people at once.

First Impression

Assembling the equipment will reveal a flat-top grill perfect for large gatherings. With a built-in interchangeable flat-top griddle, you have the versatility to make different meals. With a dimension of 62.5” x 37” x 22”, the equipment has a total of 604-square inch cooking surface, with a grill cooking area of 501 square inches.

There are leg levelers that create stability for the grill while grilling. There are two large powder-coated steel folding shelves for meal prepping, and two bottom shelves for the storage of utensils and tools. The foldable legs contribute to the portability of the grill.

Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 knobs

Key Features

  • Interchangeable Flat Top Griddle: Imagine a grilling piece of equipment where you aren’t just stuck with the grill grates. The Flat Top Grill 600 makes that imagination tangible. It has a huge interchangeable griddle for cooking pancakes, sausage, hash browns, and bacon and eggs at the same time. You can simply switch to the 501 square inches grilling surface for more heat-intensive cooking like kabobs and chickens.
  • Stainless Steel Burners: The Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 has four stainless steel burners with a combined heat capacity of 48,000BTU. The burners are independently controlled and provide individual heat zones that enhance your grilling versatility. It has an incredible heat ignition system that heats your food very fast, allowing you to cook many meals at the same time.
  • Folding Shelves: Some people associate portability with smallness in size. However, this grill gives you no issue with mobility, without any compromise in capacity. It has two large folding shelves and two bottom shelves that are perfect for storing ingredients and grilling tools. When moving, these shelves give way for portability.

Preference-Based Features

  • Grease Management System: Having grease dripping down the body of your grill makes cleanup a lot more complicated. The Camp Chef Grill 600 solves that with its efficient Grease Management System. The grease tray and catch bucket collect the drippings, making the cleaning process a lot easier and faster.
  • Roller Wheels and Leg Levelers: With durable wheels at the foot of the grill, you can easily move it from one place to another. There are also adjustable leg levelers that give the equipment a proper footing while cooking.
  • Propane Tank Holder: The grill has a propane tank holder to keep your fuel storage in place. However, the tank is not included in the package and can be purchased separately.

Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 in action

Construction- 4.0/5

The Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 has a cast iron cooktop, which is excellent for even and fast distribution of heat. The burners are made of stainless steel, giving them that attractive appearance. Beneath the body are collapsible legs and extra shelves.

Built for outdoor cooking activities, it has two wheels for easy movement. It is a solid appearance that will serve your kitchen demands for a long time.

Performance: 4.5/5

What qualifies a particular grill as high-performance cooking equipment? Versatility, even distribution of heat, and a wide range of cooking temperatures are among the top features grill masters look out for. The Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600 has an interchangeable griddle and large grill grates for cooking a large variety of food.

The flat top can accommodate a lot of food at the same time – covering about 50 to 100 people on the go. This 2-in-1 grill cooks very fast – you can get your bread, or buns ready in a matter of seconds. Its ability to cook a large number of foods at the same time also makes cleaning a lot easier. The Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 is a solid recommendation for fast, high-capacity cooking.

Cleaning and Maintenance:4.0/5

The Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 is a low-maintenance grill. It has a Grease Management System with a grease tray and a catch bucket that collects drippings and debris. That allows for easy clean-up.

Spreading oil on the cooking surface before you start cooking will help to make the cleaning process easier. You can use a stainless steel scraper to wipe the grill clean after cooking. Cleanup and re-seasoning take an average time of 3 minutes.

Warranties and Shipping

  • Warranty: The product has a one year warranty.
  • Shipping: Item is available for shipping within the United States.

Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 in action

Overall Summary

If you are in for large-scale cooking, then consider going for the Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600. It's 2-in-1 grill and griddle system offers a lot of versatility in your cooking experience. You can cook a variety of meals including bacon, eggs, has browns, quesadillas, chicken, broccoli, and anything that can be cooked on a regular skillet.

The grill cooks very fast, which is even better if you're accustomed to grilling on a flat top. The Grease Management System saves you the stress of excess grease. Besides customers' complaints of rust and damaged parts, this grill makes an excellent addition to your kitchen.

Our Final Verdict: The Camp Chef Portable Flat Top Grill 600 is a sturdy flat top grill/griddle. It is an excellent choice for reliability and portability. You get to enjoy the features of a cold-rolled steel cooking surface. We consider it a good buy for your backyard kitchen and camping activities.