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Best Gas Grills 2021 – Our 6 Top Picks and Buyer's Guide

Best Overall Best Overall
Weber Spirit II E-310

Weber Spirit II E-310

Best Camping Best Camping
Coleman Roadtrip LXE

Coleman Roadtrip LXE

Best Portable Best Portable
Weber Q1200 Gas Grill

Weber Q1200 Gas Grill

Oren De M.
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Tired of using a grill that can't prepare quick dinners for at least ten people? Do you get burnt briskets due to a lack of control over your grill's cooking temperature? Why not consider getting a suitable gas grill? It's versatile, offers you control over grilling temperature, and is easy to use.

Anyone who can use a stove can undoubtedly handle a gas grill.

However, that doesn't imply all gas grills are equal. Some features differentiate them, such as size, heat distribution, temperature management, versatility, and more. After combing through the market and performing a series of tests, we've made a list of the best six gas grill reviews to help your buying decision. From the best beginner grills to the ideal model for camping outdoors, and the best-valued option for the money, there's something here for you.

Backyard BBQ party with the best gas grills

Best Overall Best Overall
Weber Spirit II E-310
Weber Spirit II E-310
Weber Spirit II E-310

Most cheap gas grills have questionable quality and performance. But Weber took every essential feature from their biggest grills and packed them into a mid-sized version. The Spirit II E-310 features a 529 square inches cooking space and delivers 30,000 BTU even heat, all at an affordable price. That's why we consider it the best gas grill for the money.

Its cooking area can accommodate about twenty pounds of turkey, and its additional features and precision controls put it among the most popular gas grills.

The E-310 gas grill design features three stainless steel burners that you can ignite by simply pressing a button using their Electronic Crossover ignition control. The performance level and quality of the Weber Spirit II E-310 make the grill worth the money.

What Makes the Weber Spirit II E-310 Stand Out?

Size and Space: Grilling a twenty-pound turkey isn't an easy task, but the E-310 tackles it easily with its spacious cooking area. We like the stainless-steel tables attached on the side, though we wish they could fold down.

Excellent Performance: Grilling success depends on how much control you have over the heat. So we appreciate that we can adjust the heating using the burner controls to make indirect and direct heat zones. Also, the innovative flavorizer bar that returns flavor to your food is a plus.

Easy to Clean: The grill has a grease management system. Unvaporized juices go into a disposable catch pan and a grease tray. The grease tray will slide through the cabinet (in and out) while cleaning it up.

Check out our full Weber Spirit II E-310 review.

Best Camping Best Camping

If you're looking for a gas grill for your next camping trip, check out the Roadtrip LXE gas grill from Coleman. The two-burner gas grill is lightweight and attached to a two-wheeled foldable stand. After folding, you can roll it around like wheeled luggage.

For a portable gas grill, the table is spacious and versatile, as you can swap it for a stove. Due to its durable steel and ceramic design, the Roadtrip LXE is rugged enough for dragging over rocks and hills and your favorite camp adventures.

The large 285 square inches cooking area supports the cooking of food for up to six people. If you love camping regularly and appreciate portability, consider giving this Coleman grill a try.

What Makes the Roadtrip LXE Stand Out?

Portability: The grill comes with a collapsible table that you can fold easily. The entire unit is 33 inches high. It has a large handle and wheels for moving the grill smoothly. You can move it around different locations in your favorite beach, backyard, or campsite.

Burners: The two burners can run independently. The grill features two separate control knobs that enable temperature adjustment on either burner. Although this feature is common for home grills, most portable gas grills run a single burner. The two independent burners allow you to sear your steak on a side while the other is heating some barbecued beans.

Cooking Power: The Roadtrip LXE liquid propane gas grill has a high heat output of 20,000 BTU; each burner has 10,000 BTU. For a portable gas grill, that's quite powerful! It exceeds most portable grills. Note that the temperature is adjustable as you may not require high flame settings for direct cooking.

Best Portable Best Portable

If you love tailgating or hanging out with friends around your home, you may need this excellent portable propane gas grill. If you're evolving from the conventional charcoal smoker, you can consider switching over to liquid propane or natural gas-operated grill that's easier to use and more energy-efficient.

You may find this Weber Q-1200 grill particularly useful for tailgate barbecue events. The high dome lid provides a large area for preparing large meals like an entire chicken.

Its porcelain-coated cast-iron grates are very heavy and may take up to fifteen minutes to get hot, but they stay hot for a long time, allowing you an excellent grilling on a small grill.

What Makes the Weber Q-1200 Stand Out?

It Is Durable: While many portable grills do not have quality build, the Weber Q-1200 is durable enough and comes with a five-year warranty. The material used for the body and lid is cast aluminum, while the frame is of reinforced nylon (corrosion-resistant).

It's Available in a Variety of Colors: We love this grill because you can pick your desired color from the varieties (purple, titanium, red, blue, fuchsia, black, green, etc.) available. This also implies that you can choose a color that matches your kitchen decor or interior to improve your home's beauty.

You Can Monitor the Heat: One of the issues grill fans face with portable grills is the absence of a thermometer. The Weber Q-1200 features a thermometer that eases your barbecuing task as you can monitor and control your food temperature. And we love that you get to monitor the heat without opening the lid.

It Has Side Tables: The side tables that come with this appliance makes grilling easy and fun. The tables are large and sturdy. You can fold them, which makes it easy to move from a location to another or when traveling.

Most Versatile Most Versatile

If you need a versatile gas grill to cook a wide range of foods, check out the Weber S-670. It comes with 769 square inches cooking space and six stainless steel burners. It has a super sturdy construction that can withstand several years. It features the jet ignition system, which allows you to light up each burner separately by pressing the knob.

The infrared rotisserie burner, side burner, and sear station burner allow you to prepare different delicacies. Its infrared rotisserie emits about 11,000 BTU heat output. The build quality is legendary, and it's easy to assemble.

The grilling capabilities put together into the Weber S-670 gas grill makes it the most versatile on our review list.

What Makes the Weber S-670 Stand Out?

Large Grilling Area: The Weber S-670 gas grill has a massive 769 square-inch cooking area for cooking all kinds of food in the six versatile burners. The cooking area is distributed in two different zones; the primary and secondary zone. The primary zone covers the larger space (624 square inches) while the warming rack measures 145 square inches. The warming rack is excellent at searing your steak even in high flame, enabling you to cook even the toughest dish.

Ease of Use: While the Weber S-670 is a beast gas grill, it's very easy to handle. You can see the increase and decrease in temperature using the digital controller, and set your desired temperature. Afterward, you can relax while your food cooks.

Consistent Temperature: Besides beating and winning the game, the temperature of a good gas grill must be consistent. Also, the heat needs to reach all spots evenly so that braising and baking would be fun. The Weber S-670 produces constant temperature for several hours.

Build Quality: This gas grill is built with stainless steel material. The shroud is sturdy, and it opens smoothly. The flavorizer bars, burner tubes, cooking grates, and the overall construction quality are excellent and can last for many years. The cook boxes and cast aluminum are ultra-durable, and you don't have to spend too much time maintaining it.

Best Freestanding Best Freestanding

The Napoleon Prestige Pro generates a maximum heat output of 48,000 BTU and comes with four burners. But the most outstanding feature of this grill is its steel sear plates which ensure even heating. You can make up to thirty burgers with its 500 square inches cooking surface.

The grill's infrared sizzle zone helps burn your food quickly as it generates up to 1800°F within thirty seconds.

The Napoleon Prestige Pro is made for high heat cooking and slow spit roasting. It features a jet fire ignition system that ensures quick light up and doesn't miss at all. It also features a safety glow system that allows control of the knobs for multi-zone grilling.

What Makes the Prestige Pro500 Stand Out?

Wide Grilling Surface and Six Burners: The 500 square inches of cooking space consists of the main burners and the side burners. The main burners have 260 square inches while the side burners accommodate 140 square inches. The six burners produce an outstanding heat output for better cooking performance. The grill's large capacity enables fast cooking and multi-zone searing.

Napoleon Infrared Rear: The Napoleon Prestige grill is great for those who love toasting drinks with a juicy Rotisserie flavor. And that's possible through the unique Rotisserie burner. It offers a maximum of 18,000 BTU heat output, allowing for perfect searing.

Built-In Electronic Ignition: The built-in ignition system makes a difference in the grill's overall experience. With this simple tweak, grill connoisseurs can have total control over the rotisserie burner and the primary burners. This system allows you to cook more delicacies at separate temperatures faster than many other gas grill models, making it a perfect option for large families.

Sleek Design: This grill offers a premium quality feel. Napoleon used 100 percent stainless steel material for the frame and body. In terms of functionality and style, the grill makes a great commercial unit as its imposing design easily stands out. It also has interior lighting. Its smooth edges and sleek design make it an ideal option for families with small children.

This 2-burner gas grill from Char-Broil is suitable for beginners as it's easy to use and clean. It features plastic side shelves, a piezo ignition system, a maximum of 26,500 BTU output, a porcelain-coated firebox, steel lid, and wire grids that provide about 280 square inches cooking space.

The grill is durable enough to withstand little abuse. It has the perfect size for a beginner, bachelor, or a couple. It heats up well and also stays hot. For its price, the gas grill does a fantastic job of cooking delicious food. It features Tru-Infrared technology from Char-Broil, a wide metal plate under the cooking grids that traps the juice of foods you cook. On hitting the plate, the juice steams and infuses your food with extra flavor.

What Makes the Char-Broil 2-Burner Stand Out?

Low Pre-Heat Time: The propane gas grill delivers a pure grilling experience. It has a little pre-heat time since propane has higher energy than natural gas. Also, the powerful burners and compact cooking space enable the grill to achieve maximum temperature quickly.

Easy Cleanup: The stainless-steel body is easy to clean. You can easily remove food particles and grease with little effort by soaking them. It requires minimal effort to brush and scrub. To give the grill a sophisticated look, you can lubricate it. It keeps looking good if adequately maintained even after a long period.

Durable and Lightweight: The entire grill weighs 52.8 pounds, which is easy to carry along for outdoor picnics. The grill has a sturdy build and has wheels, making transportation from the patio to the storage less challenging. It is weather and rust-resistant. The durable porcelain-coated finish increases the gill's lifespan.

Compact Size: The grill is suitable for less than five people and consumes less space. Due to its compact size, individuals who stay in apartments can use the grill for entertaining family and friends. Despite being small, it features powerful burners that enable the searing of your food quickly.

Takeaway Message

It took a series of testing and thorough research to come up with this list of the best gas grills reviews. We care so much that you get the perfect gas grill that suits your needs.

For your camping needs, the Coleman RoadTrip LXE gas grill would do justice, while the Char-Broil Classic 2-Burner gas grill is easy to use for a beginner. If you have a large family with children, we'll suggest going for Napoleon Prestige Pro-500 with a safe design for children and six burners for a wide variety of food. We mean it when we say there's something for everyone.

However, if you're still not sure of a suitable option to purchase, the Weber Spirit II E-310 is by far the most superior quality on our list and your safest bet. With these top gas grills reviews, we trust you now have enough knowledge to make an informed buying decision. Happy buying!

Frequently Asked Question

Most outdoor grills are designed to burn propane fuel, but homeowners are now looking for outdoor grills that burn natural gas since it's cheaper and safer.

Most grill manufacturers offer special burners and valves that use natural gas, though you'll need to order them specially. Since natural gas burns cooler than propane, the burner orifices and valves that come with natural gas grills are larger to allow the flow of a larger gas volume. You should never use propane valves to burn natural gas without an approved conversion.

Some online instructional articles and videos explain how to bore propane burners and valves to make your grill suitable for natural gas. Never follow any "drill-and-bore" conversion instructions you find online. These procedures are risky and could result in severe accidents and disasters. A better method is to purchase a conversion kit that's designed for the grill.

The first thing to do when converting your propane gas grill to natural gas is to check if the manufacturer accepts conversion and whether it offers branded conversion kits.

If the manufacturer doesn't offer conversion kits, you may find an after-market option available in the market, but you'll install it at your own risk. You might have a successful conversion, but the manufacturer may not honor the warranty that comes with the grill if problems arise afterward.

The safest method is to purchase a new natural gas grill. If your grill represents a little investment or is already old, this might be to invest your money in a new, economical grill that burns natural gas.

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