What We Do

We built Avid Griller so that you could have all of your grill questions answered. That means you’ll find:

  • Grill reviews
  • Other reviews on grill products such as thermometers, covers and gadgets
  • Clear and concise grill comparisons
  • Lists of our top picks of Best Grills and more
  • Current and informative grill news

Our Process

Based on our experience, we don’t believe there is a universal best grill. There are so many factors to consider. Things like your budget, your space, the placement, the food you like, your cooking style and your other personal preferences all add up to make a specific set of requirements just for you.

To put together our grill reviews, we spend quality time actually researching and cooking with these grills, smokers, thermometers and other equipment, testing them for various important qualities — all designed to help you find the perfect food.

From figuring out how to buy a grill, suggesting ones that work for different folks, or breaking down the newest science behind technology and food breakthroughs, we’ve got you.

Meet Our Team

We are a small team of avid grill chefs that work location independent from the US and 2 other countries. If you love grills, barbecue and anything in between, come join us.

Our Experts

David Green

David Green

Food Safety Advisor / Managing Editor

David spends a lot of time thinking about grilled food. He is a World Champion Pitmaster and a certified Health and Safety Manager and currently serves as the Food Safety Advisor and Managing Editor for Avid Griller. He handles the safety operations of the site. He's creating guidelines for how to review the different grill types and developing processes for ensuring grill testing are safe. You’ll also see him in plenty of reviews, from thermometers to grill reviews – plus the occasional How-To's.

Since joining Avid Griller, he has reviewed dozens of grills and written over 200 cooking-related stories for the site. He probably knows more about charcoals than any one person should.

While she spends plenty of time keeping us safe and reviewing reviews about grills, David credits his two young sons with his inability to really eat the food he grills. When he's not writing about grilling – or trying to grill – David can be found in the kitchen testing out new barbecue sauce recipes!

Oren De M.

Oren De M.

Founder / Chief Editor

Oren is the founder of Avid Griller and is reviewing grills and other grill products. Oren knows a lot about grills, having tested more than 5o personally. Through his experience, he has developed a straightforward and practical approach to making grill recommendations.

Oren does not believe there is one best grill for everyone and that a more tailored approach is often the most helpful to grill shoppers. He notes what considerations people should make when looking at a particular type of grill.

His extensive knowledge of grills, and the grill and barbecue industry, has garnered him some media attention. Thanks to his expertise, Oren has tested countless approaches to improving his own grilling quality.

When he isn’t reviewing grills, Oren loves to do tech-related product management, play classical guitar, read fiction and non-fiction, and travel.

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Our Mission

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