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Traeger Grill Insulation Blanket - 22 Series Review

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Did you know that grilling can be done even when the temperatures are below the freezing point? With a good insulation blanket, it can be done effectively without much struggle. The Traeger insulation blanket 22 series will help in maintaining high temperatures inside your grill by preventing heat loss. Apart from helping you in grilling, this insulation blanket protects your grill from environmental conditions, which may cause rusting. Below is a comprehensive review of the Traeger insulation blanket 22 series to help you make the right decision.

Why choose Traeger insulation blanket - 22 series

Traeger insulation blanket ensures that your meat remains warm even when the temperatures around it are below the freezing point. After smoking your meat at high temperatures, the blanket acts as a buffer insulating your grill to giving it a consistent temperature.

The blanket’s heat resistant material acts as a buffer between your elements and the grill helping you to save on fuel. It is carefully designed to ensure that you use the minimum quantity pellets. This blanket is compatible with a 22 series grill and LIL TEX ELITE. It helps your grill to trap heat and maintain optimum temperatures inside.

The Traeger insulation blanket is made to serve the needs of various fields. You can choose to use it for your home grill or can be used in recreational, commercial areas.

Who do we think matches with Traeger insulation blanket - 22 series?

  • Competitions team: In a competition, you require a steady optimum temperature to make your grilling fast and still attain the best results. This insulation blanket outshines the rest in terms of temperature maintenance since it can maintain up to 350 degrees.
  • Weekend warriors: If you are trying to give your family or friends the best weekend, by grilling some meat, let the Traeger insulation - 22 series help you keep your meat warm throughout the day. With this insulation blanket, you do not have to keep rekindling the fire.
  • Those who live in cold areas: If you live in very cold or snowy areas, you definitely will require an insulation blanket to do your grilling. Traeger insulation blanket - 22 series enables you to smoke your meat during the winter, and it can maintain temperatures of up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Not suitable for high temperatures: It is not recommended for outdoor temperatures of more than 35 degrees. Some people find this inconveniencing since they want the freedom to do their grilling at all times throughout the year.

Traeger Grill Insulation Blanket - 22 Series

Brand Overview

Traeger was the first company to develop hardwood pellets in 1989. It invented the first original wood grill 30 years ago. With decades of mastering this art, the company has invented more sophisticated items. They have produced the best wood-fired grill which has won the hearts of their users.

With so many years in the market, you can get any Traeger product you prefer, either the old models or the new models. With time, Traeger has increased the versatility of their products to distinguish themselves from the usual BBQ.

With Traeger smoking, your food is not the only thing you can do with your grill. Now you can choose to smoke your chicken and searing steaks to give you the perfect result. Recently they came up with a mobile app with all the recipes you can use to give you the best experience in meat grilling.

This brand has been on the rise since 1989. It’s been able to incorporate various technologies to ensure that you get the best cooking experience. For those who love to feel the real Smokey taste in their delicacies, this is the right brand to make your dream come true. Traeger blanket and Traeger grill used together give you the best experience.

It weighs approximately 4.6 pounds and its size dimensions are 23.1 by 3 by 13 inches.

First impression: How does it look like?

The insulation blanket arrives in an attractive packaging revealing what’s inside. Most retailers offer to add their own packaging so you won’t have to worry if you send it as a surprise gift. It does not come with any special instructions on unboxing — it is as easy as it goes. Besides, it fits the grill perfectly well.

The Traeger insulation blanket is shiny grey in color, perhaps to retain as much heat in the grill as possible. It is easy to install, and you won’t need a technician’s help to do so. With this cover, your meats will smoke beautifully and taste great.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty and all-weather material: This thermal blanket is made using heavy-duty, all-weather material, which ensures that no heat is lost and it lasts long. This blanket will keep your meat warm for hours because it’s not porous. It eliminates extra burning through extra pellets during the cold season. It also protects your grill from elements. It ensures that the grill does not rust since many grills are made using iron, which rusts easily. When you leave your grill outside as long as it’s covered by this blanket, you can be sure that rusting is controlled. Additionally, when the weather is so cold, you may find the need to use extra pellets. This insulator ensures that you get the right temperature in your grill even after adding pellets. Everyone wants to get the best texture and taste from their cooking, and that is what the Traeger insulation blanket 22 series gives you.
  • LED digital ELITE: This model shows you the internal grill temperature to ensure that you keep the content at your preferred temperature. If you can read the temperatures in your grill, you can choose to either maintain it or adjust accordingly.

Preference–based Features

  • It is a thermostat blanket: Being a thermostat blanket, it is weather-resistant. It can withstand any climatic conditions. Once installed, you can leave it outdoors, even under the most adverse conditions. Unlike most thermostat blankets, the Traeger blanket will work even when covered by snow and still keep your food warm. It is a heavy blanket that contains heat inside your grill.

Traeger Grill Insulation Blanket - 22 Series closeup


The Traeger insulation blanket 22 series is a thermostat blanket made from weather-resistant materials. This makes it durable even under the most adverse weather conditions. It is made purposely to insulate your grill to prevent heat loss even during the cold seasons. It is installed with a led battery, which enables you to read the temperatures inside the grill. This grill does not entirely depend on wood fire but also uses electricity.

Performance: 4.7/5

The effectiveness of this thermostat blank is on point. It gives great results even under the most adverse climatic condition. You will be surprised at the temperature this blanket can maintain in your grill even when it’s covered by snow. It can protect your grill from rusting even when left outside for a long period.

Cleaning and maintenance: 4.7/5

Since it’s made using heavy-duty polyester material, maintaining it’s really easy. To ensure that your blanket lasts for long, avoid keeping it under direct sunlight. Check it regularly to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged
Wipe it with a damp cloth to remove all the dirt.

Warranties and Shipping

  • Warranty: This thermostat blanket comes with a one year warranty, which is applicable if only you are using Traeger pellets.
  • Shipping: It can be shipped in all parts of the world, although shipping costs may be incurred.

Similar insulation blankets to consider

1. Traeger BAC344 22 Series BBQ Grill Insulation Blanket for Winter Cooking
This one of the strongest insulation blanket which is thermal-insulated to act as a buffer between your content and the grill.
2. Traeger BAC346 20 Series BBQ Grill Insulation Blanket for Winter Cooking
This insulation blanket is designed to keep your grill insulated throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions.

Overall summary

Traeger insulation blanket series 22 is one of the best insulation blankets in the market. Made of strong materials, this insulation blanket protects your grill from all sorts of damages caused by different environmental conditions.

This insulation blanket will give you the best grilling experience, even when it’s snowing. It keeps the elements warm for hours, giving you the food you would wish for.