Broil King REGAL XLS PRO Review
Broil King REGAL XLS PRO Review
Broil King REGAL XLS PRO Review
Broil King REGAL XLS PRO Review
Broil King REGAL XLS PRO Review
Oren De M.
BY Oren De M.
Published 7:08 AM
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Broil King REGAL XLS PRO Review

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If summer for you means grilling, you’ve come to the right place. Outdoor grilling can be an enjoyable experience, as it offers excitement and pleases the senses with sizzle and smoke. However, only if you have the right tools with you.

A gas grill like the Broil King REGAL XLS PRO allows you to be creative with meal preparation and enjoying an authentic barbecue experience.

In this Broil King REGAL XLS PRO review, we’ll delve into the features of the grill. Since we care about your investment, we will also discuss the advantages and shortcomings of the product in detail.

Why Choose the Broil King REGAL XLS PRO?

Broil King REGAL XLS PRO takes grilling to a whole new level with its two cook boxes, rotisserie burner, and a side burner that lets you enjoy a cookout at its finest.

Who Do We Think Matches With Broil King REGAL XLS PRO?

  • Master Chefs: This versatile grill is best suited to people who have some expertise in broiling and barbecuing meat. It has a large primary cooking area for main courses and an extra burner to prepare sauces or blanch veggies.
    Along with that, you can use the rotisserie grilling for roasting big meat pieces. We think expert chefs will really enjoy this griller full of features.
  • Barbeque Lovers: Die-hard BBQ lovers who cook and eat for pleasure will love this addition to their cooking arrangements. Once you get the hang of it, the grill will become the central place to do all your cooking, smoking, and roasting.
  • Dinner Party Hosts: Always have friends and family over for dinner parties? Everyone will love your hosting the next time you serve them with perfectly grilled steaks, roasted chicken, and saute. You can even make grilled desserts like cakes and cookies that look irresistible.

Possible Broil King REGAL XLS PRO Complaints

  • Heat Distribution Problems: Although the grill has a powerful primary Dual-Tube burner system with six burners, you might encounter some heat distribution problems. Nonetheless, once you get used to the heat settings, you will know how to hit the sweet spot and grill food evenly every time.
  • Cooking Grids May Catch Rust Easily: Although the cooking grids in the cook box are made from stainless steel, they tend to catch rust very quickly. Some consumers received their grill with already rusty grids. However, in the latter case, the warranty can be claimed.

Brand Overview

Company Headquarters: North America
Phone: 1(800) 265-2150

Broil King is a North American brand, committed to delivering high-quality grills and accessories that will last for years to come. The cook box, cabinets, and shelves in the grillers are all made by skilled North American workers in Indiana, Tennessee, Ontario.

With stylish looks and sculptured designs, Broil king grills stand out amongst others. The Regal Series by Broil King includes some of the leading grills that offer style and function.

First Impression

The REGAL XLS PRO is big and weighs around 250lbs, which is good enough for the grill of this size. Even though it's relatively a heavy grill, it still comes with sturdy wheels at the bottom that makes it easy to move around. You also have two color options to choose from, Stainless Steel (our fav), or Porcelain Black.

However, due to the large size, assembly might be a problem and little time consuming for beginners. If you are new to grillers, organize all the parts and screws before going with the manual. This way, you won’t get confused or frustrated during assembly.

The grill is equipped with the Sure-Lite™ Electronic Ignition System, making it easier and quicker to start the grill. Plus, it gets hot super quickly, so you won’t have to start the grill hours before cooking.

We found the stainless steel side shelves to be pretty useful in food prep. If you have to handle several items at once, the shelves and cast aluminum condiment bin will make the process a lot easier. Additionally, the tool hooks let you hang all your grilling tools for easy access and storage.

Grilling at night isn't a problem with REGAL XLS PRO with its illuminating control knobs that light up your patio and make the grill functional after sunset too.

Key Features

  • Large Cooking Area: With a 750 sq-in. primary cooking space spreading over two separate cook boxes, you have plenty of space to cook a variety of dishes at once. Each cook box has a warming rack adding 280 sq-in. of cooking space.
    You can sear gourmet dishes in separate grills at different temperatures without any disruption. Furthermore, the stainless steel side shelves and enclosed cabinets make storage easier so you can efficiently handle the grill.
  • Powerful Burners: The six patented, Dual-Tube burners provide two rows of flame for an even spread. However, they can leave a few cold spots inside the cook box.
    The side burner integrated into the side shelf is ideal for preparing sauces and stir-frying. You can use the dripping from the griller or rotisserie to create BBQ sauces or gravy.
  • Linear Flow Valves: The Broil King REGAL XLS PRO features linear flow valves with 180° Sensi-Touch Control to give you ultimate control over the heat. It lets you set the perfect temperature for roasting or slow cooking.
    The heavy cooking grids retain heat better to ensure defined sear marks, making food so much more tempting.
  • Flav-R-Wave Cooking System: Along with the burners, the stainless steel Flav-R-Wave provides better heat distribution and protects the burners. It instantly evaporates any drippings to lock the flavor inside the food so that you don’t lose any of the precious smoky flavors.

Preference-Based Features

  • Rotisserie Burner: The 15,000 BTU rear rotisserie burner is excellent for roasting chicken, turkey, and lamb leg. Moreover, you can fit in two or three chickens at a time. Indirect flame helps prevent flare-ups, making it a fully functional, trouble-free burner.
  • Stainless Steel Side Shelves: The stainless steel side shelves with cast aluminum condiment bins come in handy when you have to prepare a large meal outside your kitchen. It gives you enough space to store all your cooking essentials such as spoons and oil, so you won’t have to go back to your kitchen every time.
    On the other hand, the shelves make the already large cooking system take up more space, making it suitable for more spacious patios only.
  • Deluxe Accu-Temp Thermometer: Each cook box has separate heat controls and stainless steel thermometers that lets you monitor the temperature inside. The thermometer reaches deep into the oven to give you accurate readings.
    This feature can be handy for beginners, as they won’t have to open the cook box frequently to check if the food’s ready and lose all the heat and smoke inside.
  • Sure-Lite Electronic Ignition System: The Sure-Lite ignition system enables you to start grilling the moment you plan it. All the backyard amateurs will enjoy this feature, as it makes the whole process quicker and easier.
  • Illuminated Control Knob: Illuminated control knobs mean that you can grill all night long without any worries. The grill will still be functional after sunset. Should the power go out, you still have the gas and knob lights to make your backyard bright and smelling of BBQ.

Construction: 3.8/5

When it comes to design, the Broil King REGAL XLS PRO looks nicely sculpted and stylish. It offers a total cooking space of about 1000 sq-in., including the warming racks.

The heavy-duty front cabinet with stainless steel doors and side shelves with hooks are very useful for storage. Apart from that, the LP gas models feature a slide-out tank drawer for easy tank changes.

Talking about portability, the Level Q Leg Levelersin on the front base allows you to stabilize the frill on uneven surfaces while the locking casters make the whole thing portable. But, it’s still rather heavy, so you might not want to move it too often.

Performance: 4/5

The Broil King REGAL XLS PRO is a very versatile cooking system. You can cook, roast, sear, and heat food, all in one place at the same time.

The durable cook boxes with double-walled lids and cast aluminum end caps hold the heat better for even cooking. Plus, you will enjoy the extra features like the rotisserie burner and the Sure-Lite electronic ignition system.

Cleaning and Maintenance: 3.4/5

Maintaining the grill can be challenging, but it is all good if you can keep an eye on the cast iron grids that may catch rust. So, you will have to grease them before grilling and keep them dry at all times.

The good news is that cleaning the grease trap is very simple. You just have to pull out the top drawers and wash out the grease with soap.

Warranties and Shipping

Warranty: The parts and paint come with a 2-year warranty; the burners have a 10-year warranty while there is a limited lifetime warranty on the cook box.,
Shipping: Broil King delivers its products inside the United States, and internationally too.

Overall Summary

Broil King REGAL XLS PRO is a US-made grill that offers more than just grilling. You can grill, roast, and prepare sauces and soups, all in one place at once.

It is ideal for BBQ lovers with spacious patios who like to host dinner parties for family and friends. The stylish design will compliment almost any outdoor setting, and you can move the system thanks to the casters on the base.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a low-maintenance grill, this one might not be for you. Nonetheless, it is a powerhouse that offers versatility and the perfect BBQ taste we love.