REGAL S590 PRO Review
REGAL S590 PRO Review
REGAL S590 PRO Review
REGAL S590 PRO Review
REGAL S590 PRO Review
Oren De M.
BY Oren De M.
Published 12:58 PM
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Broil King REGAL S590 PRO Review

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Let us share a secret - a perfect grill that keeps everything organized can help you in pulling off a great barbecue party. When grilling, organization is key. This is where Broil King REGAL S590 PRO excels. Not only does the grill provides ample cooking space, but also helps you keep everything organized.
This is where the Broil King REGAL S590 PRO comes in. It ticks almost all the boxes of quality and durability, offering some of the most sought-after features in a grill.

In this review, we have provided an in-depth analysis of the Broil King REGAL S590 PRO. Keep reading if you want to weigh the pros and cons of the grill against each other, and make an informed decision before investing.

Why Choose the Broil King REGAL S590 PRO?

The Broil King REGAL S590 PRO is a powerful, durable grill that offers large cooking space, five dual-tube burners, a rotisserie burner, storage space, and many other convenient features for a stress-free, versatile grilling experience.

Who Do We Think Matches with the Broil King REGAL S590 PRO?

  • Big Families: The Broil King REGAL S590 PRO Gas Grill is ideal for people with big families and friend circles. And if you also love throwing a backyard BBQ party, then your investment will be worth it.
    With a total of 875 square inches of cooking space on the primary cooking space, the rotisserie burner, and the side burner, the grill will perfectly meet your needs.
  • Weekend Warriors: The Broil King Gas Grill is perfect for people who love to grill every weekend and on their off-days. Not only does it offer versatility in cooking, but you also get various convenient easy-to-use features.
    These include side shelves, electrical ignition, illuminated knobs, tool hooks, and even a high-quality thermometer gauge.
  • Master Chefs: If you are a BBQ expert, you will find the Broil King REGAL S590 PRO to your liking. Not only does it offer versatility in cooking, but you also get precise temperature control.
    Moreover, its ample cooking space is suitable for grilling, smoking, and experimenting for different recipes.

Possible Broil King REGAL S590 PRO Complaints

To help you weigh the pros against the cons, we have listed significant drawbacks of the grill in the following section.

  • Bulky Construction: Although the grill includes wheels for portability, it still weighs a hefty 217 pounds. Hence, you will have to put in the effort to move it from one place to another.
    Moreover, the grill measures 62.5 x 24.8 x 49.2 inches in dimension and needs substantial space in the backyard as well as in your storage room.
  • Burners Rust Overtime: While the grill boasts a high-quality stainless steel construction, some burners tend to rust if they are not used. You might have to hire professional help or contact the seller for replacement parts if your burners start rusting.

Brand Overview

Company Headquarters: North America
Phone: 1(800) 265-2150

Since the brand was founded in 1906, Broil King is quite experienced in producing the highest quality grills for their customers. With their headquarters in North America, their products are used all over Canada, the US, and Europe as well.

Moreover, the brand has an ISO certification and manufactures its grill in Waterloo, Canada, and Indiana, the US.

Besides this, all the Broil King grills have exceptional performance and are designed by some of the best BBQ experts. Apart from gas grills, the brand offers a wide range of pellets, charcoal, and portable grills.

The Regal cooking line is one of the Broil King’s leading grill series, offering durability along with remarkable features.

First Impression

Right off the bat, the grill makes a lasting impression with its modern, sleek finish. Both of its color options, stainless steel, and porcelain black, offer a classy outlook in your backyard.

Although the grill is extremely heavy, it comes with sturdy locking caster wheels for portability. The side shelves, bottom storage cabinet, and the tool hooks, on the other hand, help to keep your utensil close-by.

Besides this, the Broil King grill is equipped with a smart electrical ignition system that barely takes any time to start-up the grill.

Moreover, the exceptional heat control features and the built quality of the spacious grill offer a stress-free grilling experience for both amateurs and experts.

Key Features

  • Cooking Capacity: The Broil King REGAL S590 PRO Grill offers almost 625 sq-in. of primary cooking space on the stainless steel cook box. Thus, you can cook multiple dishes on the cooking grates simultaneously.
    Since the grill comes with an additional side burner and a rear rotisserie burner, the total cooking space bumps up to almost 875 sq-in.
  • Five Dual-Tube Burners: The grill includes five high-quality stainless steel dual-tube burners that offer two rows of flames on each burner. Altogether, the powerful patented tube-in-tube burners provide almost 55000 BTU of heat.
    Hence, you can control the temperature of the cook box precisely using the control knobs of each of the burners.
  • Linear Flow Valves: For a perfect control on temperature, the Broil King grill comes with a unique linear flow valves system. It uses 180º sensi-touch control knobs on the panel to adjust the gas flow through the burners.
    Hence, you can manage the internal temperatures for roasting, searing, or slow-cooking.
  • Flav-R-Wave Cooking System: One of the key features of the grill is its modern Flav-R-Wave that protects the burners and spreads heat evenly inside the cook box at the same time.
    By evaporating any dripping grease or sauce, the unique system infuses the entire aroma and locks the flavor into the grilling meat.
  • Temperature Gauge: Broil King has added a convenient built-in thermometer gauge on the cook box lid to measure the internal temperatures. Combined with the linear flow valves, you can maintain a precise heat control over your dishes.

Preference-Based Features

  • Stainless Steel Construction: The Broil King Grill includes a high-grade stainless steel and die-cast Aluminum cook box. Not only does it offer exceptional durability, but it also provides heat retention for precise heat control.
    Besides this, the cooking grid includes solid 9mm stainless steel rods that give perfect sear marks and can withstand high temperatures with ease. Weighing 56% heavier than other grids, these rods will last you a lifetime.
  • Side Burner: Apart from the five main dual-tube burners, Broil King has also added a 10000 BTU burner on the side. Hence, you can cook your vegetables or make sauces right by your main dish.
  • Rotisserie Burner: The Broil King REGAL S590 includes a convenient stainless steel 15000 BTU Rotisserie burner on the rear side for roasting whole chickens, turkeys, and even large lamb pieces.
    Since the patented high-grade steel rod and motor rotate continuously, the food gets even heat on all sides. Moreover, the indirect flame on the food minimizes the risk of any flare-ups.
  • Storage Space: The grill comes with two convenient stainless steel side shelves to hold your utensils, sauces, or oil right by your side. As such, it minimizes the need for going to the kitchen again and again.
    In addition to this, you get cabinet-style bottom storage shelves to hold further utensils close to your main grilling station.
    On the negative side, the shelves are not foldable and take up more storage space.
  • Electronic Ignition System: Broil King has included a smart electronic ignition system instead of wasting time lighting up each burner. It starts up your grill with just a push of a button.
  • Illuminated Control Knob: The grill comes with attractive blue LED control knobs that improve the appeal of the whole grilling station. Apart from giving a stylish, modern look, the LED also helps to find the control knobs in low-light conditions.
  • Made in the US: If you are a fan of US-made grills, then you would be happy to know that the Broil King REGAL S590 PRO is made in Canada and Indiana, in North America.

Construction: 4.2/5

Overall, the Broil King REGAL S590 PRO Grill has a durable stainless construction that will last a lifetime.

While both its cook box and cooking grids can withstand high temperatures, the stainless steel shelves and storage cabinet are quite useful for holding your utensils. The grill also comes with a convenient slide-out fuel tank drawer to replace the empty ones easily.

On the downside, the grill is extremely bulky and takes up a lot of space in your backyard and storage room. Even with the sturdy wheels, you need to put in the effort to move the cumbersome grilling station.

Performance: 4.5/5

The Broil King Regal S590 PRO Grill offers an exceptional grilling performance with five dual-tube burners, 180º sensi-touch control knobs, and versatility in cooking.

Furthermore, its cast-Aluminum and stainless steel body retains heat well and maintains precise temperature controls. If all this was not enough, the grill comes equipped with an additional side burner and a rotisserie burner.

Cleaning & Maintenance: 4.7/5

Not only does the grill require low maintenance, but it is also quite easy to clean it after each cook. The stainless steel exterior, shelves, lid, and burners can be wiped clean with a damp towel.

Warranties & Shipping

** The brand offers a ten-year warranty on the cooking grates, burners, and the Flav-R-Wave, and a two-year warranty on the paint job and the remaining parts of the grill. However, there is only a limited warranty on the cook box.
** Apart from the US, the grill can also be shipped internationally to regions like Europe and the Middle East.

Overall Summary

The Broil King REGAL S590 PRO Grill undoubtedly is among the top options when it comes to gas grills. With a large cooking capacity (875 square inches), remarkable temperature control, convenient storage, and robust construction, the durable grill is an ideal investment for the future.
Simply put, if you love hosting BBQ gatherings, then the Broil King grill will not let you down.